Siddarth Mohan Shekhar, Dubai Private School – Sharjah


The word ‘Vision’ originates from the Latin, ‘Visus’, meaning, supernatural manifestation. Truly the vernacular link between the derivative and the original is one that inverts itself when it comes to life. That is, vision always precedes great manifestations.

In a manner that has been systemic and revolutionary in nature, The Young Vision magazine has created for an improved youth and adult dialogue. It has taken part in the breaking down of knowledge-barriers, now allowing youth to avail for themselves the resources and insight that empower them to match their capabilities with ideas and work they wish to engage in. Further, the manner by which it has created such an environment for its readers has also been categorically novel – engaging in Educational Expos, holding student competitions and, now, embarking on a journey of increased student representation. As Dr. Namrata has rightfully said multiple times, TYV is a movement. And this is a movement I’m so very proud to call myself a part of now.