Shanel Misquitta, Dubai Gem Private School – Dubai

My name is Shanel Misquitta. I’m 18 years old and currently studying in Dubai Gem Private School. My enthusiastic personality, optimism and love for life are what make me bubbly, approachable and a complete people’s person. Empathy and communication are two of my strongest suites. I live to talk and talk to live.
Apart from being a commerce student, I have always had a keen interest in Journalism and Mass Communication. The Young Vision is certainly a platform that will help me polish and improve my writing and communication skills, as I strongly believe that there is always scope for improvement. It is a wonderful opportunity from which I intend to take back valuable work experience and skills that will surely help me down the line, be it in the corporate world or life in general.  I’m looking forward to becoming an Ambassador and excitement looms to see what lies ahead.