Political and Social Sciences Career Find

Social work is an interdisciplinary arena that draws on theories and practices from anthropology, sociology, psychology, politics, and economics, and others. Those are pursued Undergraduate degrees in psychology, sociology, and other social sciences can also be significant and valuable educational foundations for graduate studies in social work.

As both a professional and an academic discipline, social work emphasis on promoting social welfare. Often, social work includes the study of small and big level social issues such as social inequality and poverty.

Social workers are responsible for helping people with their daily issues that affect their daily lives, like personal, relationship and family issues.

Academic Entry Requirement

  • Grade 12 –Pass Class XII in Any Stream
  • Graduation –Pursue Bachelors in any stream or Pursue Bachelors in Social Work.
  • After Graduation – Pursue master degree in social work.
  • After post-graduation –Pursue Ph.D.

Degree In

  • Bachelor’s Degrees in Social Work
  • Master’s Degrees in Social Work
  • Doctoral Degrees in Social Work
  • Social Work Certifications and Licensures

Who can hire?

Private agencies which serve children, Public child welfare agencies, Residential and foster care agencies,Adoption agencies, Community mental health centers, Child day cares, Psychiatric hospitals, Family service agencies, Head start clinics,Elementary and secondary schools, Early intervention programs.

Professional Career

Graduates with a bachelor degree or master degree in social work have a great career path. Social work is a helping occupation that comprises working with people from all different walks of life. Some social workers help children and families whereas others work with older adults or people struggling with chronic illnessesor mental health problems. Social workers also try to improve big-picture situations such as community violence and poverty through advocacy, establishing, and program development. You’ll find social workers in severalsites including private practices, treatment centers, hospital, schools, charitiesand community organizations.