Founder and Editor – TYV (The Young Vision)

Dr Namrata K Pathania
Founder and Editor

Namrata K Pathania, Ph.D., earned her Doctorate in Education, specialising in Leadership and Value Education.  She started her professional journey in 1997 with some of the most renowned multinational and international companies. With a social entrepreneurial spirit, Dr. Namrata laid the foundation of TYV (The Young Vision), Youth Education magazine for High School and Universities, on May 2012.

She believes that awareness and education has the power to change the future of the world and that it is a responsibility of every adult to become receptive and share the adversity and obstacles of society among the youth. The youth form the majority of our active society today; they are greatly spoken of as they are very valuable to the world. They are the next generation of thinkers, artists, scientists, doctors, engineers, social activists and entrepreneurs. Applying their creativity, wisdom and innovative thinking, these young leaders are dreaming of new possibilities and putting their ground-breaking ideas into action. Youth around the world are inspiring positive change. It is time to learn from them…..

The magazine aims to provide information to nurture youths’ vision towards success, as well highlighting issues and articles to help them in maturing their personality, overcoming their fears, making them self-confident and increasing their independence.

Her mission is “Nurturing Youths’ Vision” through education – making them leaders of competence, conscience and compassion and allowing them to cultivate knowledge and faith to build a more humane, just and sustainable world.