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Neitya Pathania

The Young Vision Ambassador (Since 2017)

GEMS Our Own English High School, Dubai

I am extremely glad to be a part of The Young Vision and would love to congratulate The Young Vision team on their 6th Anniversary… The Young Vision has played a big role in changing my life, ever since I became a TYV Ambassador; I have experienced a lot of changes. People have actually started knowing who I am, which has opened doors for me and has given me various opportunities, not only in my school but also outside my school. Also, I have gained a lot of knowledge about various fields, how to handle situations & problems, and so on. And most importantly, they were always there when I needed help and guidance. They not only gave me the opportunity to interact with people but also gave me a chance to attend their own, as well as other, events, which helped in developing my public speaking skills. The Young Vision is a great platform for youth to give knowledge and gain knowledge. I would love to thank The Young Vision team for giving me this opportunity…


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