Sound Engineering is a subset of ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING. Sound engineer is an expert who works with the mechanics of mixing, recording, and reproducing sound.  They also maintain, assembles and operates technical equipment. Sound engineers work in pan domains like music, advertising, movies, broadcasting and live performances. They measure the requirement of sound at any given location and then produce the correct decibels of sound.

Academic Entry Requirement

  • Grade 12 – Science Stream (Maths compulsory)
  • Graduation – Pursue B.Tech and Pursue Different Courses
  • After Graduation – Pursue M.Tech

Degree In

  • Associate’s Degree in Audio Engineering
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Audio Engineering
  • Master’s Degree in Audio Engineering

Who can hire?

Sound engineer are work as Recording engineer, mixing engineer, sound engineer, audio operator, broadcast technician, dubbing room engineer, mastering engineer or broadcast engineer, sound editor, production assistant, control operator, acoustic consultant.

Professional Career

Career opportunities for sound engineers are available in several fields like TV channels, radio stations, studios, animation, multimedia design, movies, advertising firms and more. One can opt for particular courses in technical skills, for example:  sequencing, recording, editing and mastering. With the proper knowledge he / she can become a studio managers. There is strong competition for work in this field.