Writer, Editor, Copywriter

The Headline, the body copy of an ad is all delivered by a copywriter. A copywriter must set forth the headline of an advertisement attractive to hold the interest of the viewers that they move towards the body copy of the ad. He/she is deliberated as the salesman of the print. They use language to express a story about the profits of a product or a brand. Different writers who write fiction with relatively less research work, but copywriters work includes more of research, editing and less of writing.

Editors often begin as writers, and in several cases their role involves significant writing. They help writer’s craft stories, ensure writers followthe style guidelines and rules of grammar, and confirm that every article is appropriate for a particular publication.

Academic Entry Requirement

  • Grade 12 –Pass Class XII in Any Stream
  • Graduation –Pursue Bachelors in Journalism/Mass Communication / In Any Stream or Pursue working as an Editor/ Writer / Copywriter.
  • After Graduation – Pursue Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication.

Degree In

  • Bachelor of Arts in Professional Writing
  • Graduate Certificate in Professional Writing

Who can hire?

Printing press, radio, TV, they also do freelancing work.

Professional Career

Copywriting is all about creativity so you actuallymust have a talent for the work. Whereas some people might learn on the job, this type of work is best for people who can craft stories withwords and images and think outside of the box. Getting apositionwith the creative department, then you must have such degree mentioned above, is a good way to work out whether you have the talent to be a copywriter.