[td_block_text_with_title custom_title=”SUMMARY” header_color=”#e88f1b” separator=”” tdc_css=””]Journalists investigate, analyze and report local, national and international events, happenings, trends, current affairs, etc. Journalists have a vital social role, they report news and convey informed opinions on a plethora of topics, ranging from politics to celebrities. They work in different settings, from comfortable offices to potentially dangerous field locations, such as war zones.[/td_block_text_with_title][td_block_text_with_title custom_title=”WHAT ALL CAN I DO?” header_color=”#e88f1b”][/td_block_text_with_title]

Broadcast Journalism

Broadcast journalist are those who present information to the mass audience through electronic medium – Radio or Television and not in the print form. Their job is to present accurate, interesting and eye-catching information to gather attention of the public. They work in the field of politics, war, and environment.

Public Relations

Public relations managers work is to gather attention of the public with an intent to pursue them regarding their product, idea or company. Their job is to influence opinion and behaviour of the audience. Their job is to bring accomplishment to their client by using all forms of media channels.

Social Media

Journalism has changed with the emergence of social media. Websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linked-In now serve as news sources for many of their followers. Degree in Journalism will help you secure the most sought-after jobs in social media.

Investigative Journalist

Investigative journalist does an in-depth investigation of an event or situation. Their main focus is to present a part of information that someone is trying to hide. Investigative reporters are behind many of the reforms that we see today.

Sports Journalism

With sports arena growing in recent years, sports journalist has a major role in the news media organisation. As a sports journalist, you can handle various job duties such as reporting game statistics, interviewing players & coaches. A sports journalism career is sure to be an exhilarating one.

Freelance Writer.

Unlike earlier scenario where a journalist would become part of a particular publication, now more and more writers are opting for freelancing. They are self-employed and thus their own boss. They work for different publications for short period of time. The more diverse a writer is, he/she is paid better in the industry.

Newspaper Reporter

News reporter or a Correspondent, they gather news worthy information to inform people about the important events taking place around them. They gather information from various resources and may work in a specific beat according to their writing style.

Foreign Correspondent

Foreign correspondents report primarily from a foreign location. They provide their own perspective of the event taking place. They are supposed to be up to date about regions history, current events and culture.

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Stream Graduation After Graduation After Post Graduation
Path 1
Clear Class XII in Any stream Pursue Bachelors in Journalism/Mass Communication /BA Hons. (English/Mass Communication) for 3 years Pursue Masters in Journalism for 2 years
Path 2
Clear Class XII in Any stream Graduation in Any Stream Pursue Diploma/ Masters in Mass communication/Journalism for 1- 2 years

Important Facts

Journalism and Mass Communication are two different degrees.
Journalism is a part of Mass Communication but Mass Communication isn’t a part of Journalism. While deciding the course do keep this thing in mind. While deciding the course do keep this thing in mind. Mass communication involves disseminating information to the masses whereas Journalism has an intention to inform people to get a reaction.

  • Most colleges have eligibility criteria of minimum 50% aggregate marks in Class XII (few colleges have 40% minimum aggregate criteria)
  • Some colleges/ universities also have an age limit.

[/td_block_text_with_title][td_block_text_with_title custom_title=”WORK DESCRIPTION” header_color=”#dd3333″ separator=”” tdc_css=””]

  • Investigate, collect, verify and present information in an organised and objective manner
  • Present/ develop or read news on television, radio, magazines or newspapers
  • Be attentive to happenings in the society
  • Build a network of reliable sources for authentic information
  • Work in a team of reporters, writers, editors, photographers, technicians, etc.
  • Take part in interviews, conferences, discussions on different perspectives
  • Observe and evaluate things critically
  • Communicate with people through fluency in speaking as well as writing


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