Product Management

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  • The product managers set the vision for the product and integrate their knowledge of technologies, various marketing techniques to enhance user experience, and thus maximizes the bussiness value of the product. Their main focus is on healthy functioning of three vehicles namely, the technology, designing and the users.

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In B2B setup a product manager plays a technical role. They are responsible for leading the design and development of a company’s products and execute product strategies in coordination with other departments like IT, R&D, marketing and sales.


The role of product managers in B2C setup is to develop, manage and strengthen the product brand. They look to maximize the user experience by understanding the consumer’s mindset and incorporating customer expectations into the product/ service.

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Stream Graduation After Graduation After Post Graduation
Path 1
Clear Class XII in any Stream Pursue Graduation in Any Discipline for 3-4 years Pursue M.B.A in Marketing for 2 years
Path 2
Clear Class XII in any Stream Pursue Graduation in Any Discipline for 3-4 years Pursue Certificate Course for 1 year in Product Management

Important Facts


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  • Have a deep understanding of customer experience and identify and fill product gaps
  • Generate new ideas for the product to grow market share
  • Create new products or strategies based on market and consumer research
  • Determining a product’s pricing based on exhaustive reach of competition and target customers
  • Convert product strategy into detailed requirements and prototypes for development
  • Work closely with multiple stakeholders like management team, engineering team and marketing team
  • Evaluate promotional plans to ensure that they are in-line with product strategy
  • Be Responsible for the creative, innovative side of business as well the analysis and strategy end sides
  • Lead product launches by coordinating with public relations team, analysts, executives and other marketing team members.


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