Career in Special Educator

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Special Education is a domain dealing with specially designed methods for instruction, training and support for children with special needs due to disabilities. Such disabilities may include learning disabilities, physical disabilities, developmental disorders and behavioral problems. The aim of special education is to empower children with special needs to successfully cope with their disabilities and develop their skills to the fullest potential.

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Special Education Teacher

Special Education Teachers are educators specifically trained to deal with students with a broad range of physical, emotional, learning and motor disabilities. They work to educate such children by teaching them reading, writing, communication and various subjects. They also impart specific skills that help the children to adapt to their surroundings and live happy, adjusted lives. They can find work in public and private schools, NGOs and rehabilitation centres.

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Stream Graduation After Graduation After Post Graduation
Path 1
Clear Class XII in Any stream Pursue Bachelors in any discipline for 3 years/ Pursue Bachelors in Education/Special Education for 2 years Pursue Masters in Special Education for 2 years
Path 2
Clear Class XII in any stream Pursue Bachelors in any discipline for 3 years Pursue Bachelors in Education/Special Education for 2 years
Path 3
Clear Class XII in any stream Pursue Bachelors in any discipline for 3 years Pursue Post Graduate Diploma Programme in Early Childhood Special Education/Special Education for 1 year

Important Facts

  • B.A./B.Sc.with 2 teaching subjects. With minimum 50% aggregate OR B.Ed with minimum 50%

[/td_block_text_with_title][td_block_text_with_title custom_title=”WORK DESCRIPTION” header_color=”#dd3333″ separator=”” tdc_css=””]These professionals are involved with special children, i.e., children with developmental disorders, learning disabilities, etc.

  • Administer tests to help determine children’s developmental levels, needs, or potential
  • Arrange indoor or outdoor space to facilitate creative play, motor-skill activities, or safety
  • Collaborate with other teachers or administrators to develop, evaluate, or revise pre-school programmes
  • Confer with parents, guardians, teachers, counselors, or administrators to resolve students’ behavioural or academic problems
  • Develop individual educational plans (IEPs) designed to promote students’ educational, physical, or social development
  • Employ special educational strategies or techniques
  • Modify the general education curriculum for special-needs of students, based upon a variety of instructional techniques and technologies


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