Excise Department

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Excise Department of the Government of India or the various state governments is responsible for collecting taxes on goods manufactured in India or that particular state. A career in the Excise Department provides individuals the chance to work with the revenue department with an advantage of immense job security and other related perks.

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Tax Assistant

Tax assistant is mainly an office-desk job in the excise department under the central government or the various state governments. Job responsibility involves assisting in calculation of taxes for the various goods produced in the country.


  • An inspector at the Excise is like a team leader of officers below his rank and he has searching, seizure and arrest powers if he thinks that any organization is not properly paying their taxes.

Assistant Commissioner of Income Tax

It is one of the highest entry level posts in the Excise Department. As an assistant commissioner, they are responsible for management of the personnel under him/her. These are only filled through Civil Service examinations unlike other posts which are filled though SSC exams.

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Stream Graduation After Graduation After Post Graduation
Path 1
Clear Class XII with any stream Graduation in any stream with minimum 55% marks Clear Staff Selection Committee (Graduate level) Exam
Path 2
Clear Class XII with any stream Graduation in any stream with minimum 55% marks Clear Civil services examination and fill preferences for IRS

Important Facts

Graduation in any stream.

SSC as well as the civil services examination do not ensure a job in the customs department, one can only give his/her preference but it is still up to the selectors which services are you given a job in.

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  • Advise business companies about statutory requirements and ensure their fulfilment
  • Liaison with other government departments
  • Maintain records through written reports
  • Remain up to-date with legislative and statutory requirements
  • Minimise administrative costs and improve policies
  • Take notice of irregularities and take action against resistant businesses
  • Supervise staff and provide feedback about performance
  • Help in undertaking of business audits


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