This is the most worthwhile career for those who love travelling and ships. A career in the merchant navy includes trading in commercial items like liquid cargo, live stocks, general cargo, chemical tankers, oil tankers and the like all over the world via sea-routes. Accordingly, it is considered as the pillar of international trade. Merchant Navy is involved in protecting the nation with its naval power. Those in the Merchant Navy get the chance to explore and get themselves familiar with different people, locations and their culture. A career in the Merchant Navy is considered to be a greatly satisfying one, particularly if one is interested in travelling all around the world.

Academic Entry Requirement

  • Grade 12 – Clear Class XII in Science Stream (with Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics)
  • Graduation – Pursue B.Sc. in Nautical Science/ Marine Catering or Pursue B.Tech in Marine Engineering.
  • After Graduation – Pursue M.Sc. in Nautical Science/ Marine Catering or Pursue M.Tech(Marine Engineering) or M.B.A (Shipping and Logistics)
  • After Post graduation – Pursue Ph.D.

Degree In

  • E. or B.Tech. Ocean and Harbour Engineering
  • Sc. Ship Building and Repair
  • E. or B.Tech. in Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering
  • B. Maritime Law
  • E. or B.Tech. Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering

Who can hire?

Ferries and cruise ships, cargo container ships, oil, gas and chemical tankers and other bulk cargo carriers, specialized supply, support and rescue vessels, offshore oil and gas industry.

Professional Career

You’ll gain further experience and skills while on the job, under the supervision of more senior officers. The Merchant Navy offers clear training routes to allow progression from the junior level Officer of the Watch certificate to senior levels. Then MCA level of experience is recognised through the second engineer certificate or award of the chief mate. The higher level of competency is master’s or chief engineer’s certificate.

Advancement to each rank also permits you to gain nationally-recognised academic or professional qualifications, other than the MCA certificates of competency.