Agronomy is defined as the science and technology of producing and utilizing plants for different uses for example land reclamation, obtaining fuel, Fiber and food. Agronomy is the study of soils and crops, combining knowledge of plant genetics, soil science and ecology to grow better crops and withstand land arability. It is a branch of agricultural science that comprises work in the fields of soil science, plant physiology, plant genetics and meteorology. It focuses on improving techniques to improve the production of Fiber crop and food.

Academic Entry Requirement

  • Grade 12 – Clear Class XII in Science Stream with PCB/PCMB
  • Graduation – Pursue B. Sc Agriculture (Hons.)
  • After Graduation – Pursue M. Sc in Agriculture
  • After Post graduation – Pursue Ph.D.

Degree In

  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Agronomy
  • Master’s in Agronomy
  • Certificate in Agronomy

Who can hire?

Plant breeding and genetics industry, Sales, marketing, and international agribusiness, Crop management and protection industry, Crop consulting, Farm management, Agricultural extension group, Agricultural research Center.

Professional Career

Agronomists have different duties that need them to think critically to solve problems. Leading agronomists experiment and plan studies to increase the yields of crop. They study a farm’s crop production in order to determine the best methods to plant, cultivate and harvest the plants, irrespective of the climate. It is also essential for agronomists to develop methods to control pests and weeds to keep crops disease-free. They often usage analytical and mathematical skills in conducting their research and work. Agronomists send their information in written form, speeches, making presentations as well as responding subtly to sensitive issues regarding their results.