Food Science and Technology

Food science develops from various disciplines such as biology, biochemistry and chemical engineering in an attempt to improve food products and better understand the processing of food. Food scientists study the physical, chemical and microbiological part of food. Technologists & Food Scientists use principles of engineering, chemistry, microbiology and other sciences to confirm food safety and agricultural productivity. The scientist discovers new source of food, examines nutrition content and finds various ways to process, preserve and package food. So, food scientists play a vital role in improving the quality of the food that we eat daily.

Academic Entry Requirement

  • Grade 12 “ Clear Class XII in Science Stream with PCB/PCM (English is mandatory)
  • Graduation  Pursue B. Tech. (Food Science), and Pursue B.Sc. (Food Technology) or B.Tech. Food Science
  • After Graduation Pursue M. Tech. (Food Science), Pursue M.Sc. (Food Technology), Pursue Diploma in Food Technology
  • After Post graduation Pursue Ph.D.

Degree In

  • Bachelor of Science (Food Technology)
  • Bachelor of Science(Food Technology & Nutrition)
  • Master of Food Science and Technology
  • Master of Science (Food Science) PhD (Food Science)

Who can hire?

FMCG Companies, Hospitals, Bakeries, Confectionaries, Food Processing Companies, Farms, Food Processing Units of Hotels, Fishing/Food Preservation Companies, Government Food Related Health Agencies, Catering Companies and Fast Foods, Beverage Production Companies, Local and International NGOs on Food, Malnutrition Etc.

Professional Career

Relatively Food Science growing due to fast urbanization and lifestyle changes in world. Food Science is actually multi-disciplinary in nature, just like Translational Science, Biomedical Science and Pharmacy. Food Science includes chemistry (physical, organic and inorganic), microbiology, biochemistry, chemical, nutrition and process engineering. This field needs highly trained and qualified Food Scientists. Because of improvements in technology and our daily life, there is an increasing demand for easy to prepare (e.g. pizza, Maggi, frozen) and easy to consume food items. Apart from quality, factors like nutrition value and safety also need to be remembered. Hence, there is a developing market demand for more sophistication and advancements in the field of food science and technology internationally.