Agricultural Biotechnology

Agricultural biotechnology is a field of agricultural science that includes the use of scientific techniques and instruments, for example: molecular diagnostics, genetic engineering, molecular markers, vaccines and tissue culture, to change the living organisms like: plants, animals and microbes. This technology improves the ability of breeders to make improvements to livestock and crops through the modification and identification of certain genes. Biotechnology allows improvements that are can’t be achieved through the old method of crossing related species. It is being used in improving the yield of crop and increasing plants resistance to drought, insects and disease; increasing milk production; treating and preventing animal disease; and increasing better techniques of food processing.

Academic Entry Requirement

  • Grade 12 – Clear Class XII in Science Stream with PCB/PCM (English is mandatory)
  • Graduation – Pursue B.Sc. (Agricultural Biotechnology) and Pursue B.Tech. (Biotechnology in agriculture)
  • After Graduation – Pursue M. Sc. (Agricultural Biotechnology) and Pursue M. Tech
  • After Post graduation – Pursue Ph.D. in Agricultural Biotechnology

Degree In

  • Sc. (Agricultural Biotechnology)
  • Sc. (Agricultural Biotechnology)

Who can hire?

Jobs are available in commercial businesses, government agencies, and non-profit organizations in the fields of plant breeding, crop physiology, environmental quality and biotechnology.

Professional Career

Some agricultural biologists become managers or administrators of development programs and research in industry. E.g., research and development programs may focus on agricultural chemicals, food products or farm machinery. These managers or administrators may not actively conduct research, but handle the people involved in the research program. Students who have Graduates with master’s degrees in agricultural biology may become sales or technical representatives for companies that produce hybrid plant varieties, pesticides or fertilizers.