Photography is an excellent medium of creativity; more and more people are changing their hobby into profession. Some learn to create a vision but some are born with a vision. Photography as a career has infinite opportunities and infinite specialty. Starting from wildlife photography getting higher to war photography. It is a field gives you lots of flexibility. Formerly there were self-learned photographers, at the present the time has changed and institutes have arisen that train people, and where you can acquire knowledge and refinement your skills in Photography.

Academic Entry Requirement

  • Grade 12 –Clear Class XII in Any stream.
  • Graduation –Pursue B.Sc. in Photography / Certification or Pursue Graduation in any discipline/ BFA or Pursue Diploma.
  • After Graduation –PG Diploma / M.Sc. in Photography.

Degree In

  • Associate’s Degree in Photography
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Professional Photography
  • Graduate Degree Photography Programs
  • Digital Photography Degree Programs
  • Photography Doctorate Program

Who can hire?

The work of photographers differs considerably with their field. They also often travel to take photographs at a customer’s location, such as a company office, a school, or a private home and some photographers may work in studios.

Professional Career

Certificate, bachelors, associates, masters and doctoral degree programs are presented in photography. These programs will train you in capturing, developing and manipulating images, as well as accepting the dynamics of anglesand light, and how to use equipment appropriately. You may study photography stylesand techniques, and search the history of photography. Classes cover numerous photo-editing methods where you’ll learn to use computer software to improve photos, colour images and give textureof the photographs. If you’re interested in working as a freelancer, it may be helpful to gain skills and knowledge related to starting your own business.