Fine Arts


Fine arts refer to the usage of art as a form and require passion for imagining or creating. Its focus is on creating objects using concepts and ideas which bring out the aesthetics of that object. A professional degree in Fine Arts enables the students to gain knowledge and education pertaining to visual and performing arts. A student of fine arts can pursue majors in either design, sculpture, drama, music, pottery, painting and/or any other similar subject. Today, there are immense opportunities in the sector of Fine Arts with high income, popularity and prestige.


These studios refine artists’ technical skills and creative talents which guides them to develop their own artistic style and creating a visually enjoyable art form, such as photographs, paintings, prints, drawings, sculptures or ceramics.

Getting hired in advertising companies is a good platform for the upcoming artists to showcase their creative side through designing content catering to their organisations or clients.

It is a combination of art and technology. It involves production of designs for magazines, brochures, advertisements etc. that are captivating and inspiring to the consumers.

Fine arts in fashion designing have a lot of scope in fashion industries. It reinforces one’s ability in fabric textures, styles and techniques. A degree in fine arts is very important right from the initial sketch to the final garment.

A job in print making includes art setup, graphic manipulation and colour matching. This would also require an individual to have the familiarity of working with different kinds of printing machines.

Having done fine arts can also help in finding a job in various publishing houses for cover designs, layouts and content design. Illustrations may be prepared for advertisements, brochures, galleries, annual reports, medical textbooks, magazines or storybooks.

One can also make a living through freelancing, which not only involves creating something new but also promoting the work that has been done. It is important to mention here that freelancing does not promise flow of money as it is highly dependent on the kind of work that has been done.

This involves the work of creating animation sequences or storyboards for gaming and other software which requires technical competence in computer arts and designing.

Animation involves creating visual effects, sequences, movies, and or electronic game. Animators usually work in teams and then accumulate their work to produce a larger whole. It is an interesting combination of technology and creativity.

A degree in fine arts (preferably fashion designing) can help person get a job in textile industry which may include fashion designing, costume designing, wallpaper designing, upholstery designing, craft artists etc.

People skilled in Fine arts are extremely important in films and theatre for the creation and designing of backdrops, sets and also for animation and special effects. Multimedia artists and animators are involved in creating visual special effects for animated television shows and films.

Person with Fine Arts degree can be employed as the Art teacher’s schools and/or colleges or a self-employed setting to guide their students. They impart drawing lessons to their students. They help them develop artistic skills by cultivating creative expression and fostering an understanding of shapes, colours and texture.

Multimedia artists and animators are experts in creating visual special effects for animated television shows, films and video games. They may draw images by hand or use computer software to generate scenes.

  • Create artwork in the form of sketches, paintings, sculptors or craft
  • Specialise in the 2D, 3D or 4D forms of art
  • Apply the knowledge of colours, texture, drawing, design, material, etc, to their creation
  • Work with editors, authors, art directors, technicians, designers to build and install creations
  • Sell the created artwork through galleries, exhibitions, shops, craft markets and trade fairs
  • Modify the products as per the requirements of the client or the organisation
  • Promote one’s artwork to gain popularity
  • Build or join the network of group of artists