The Hands of Time


Tick tock tick tock… “If I just had more time”. I’m sure that you have said this one million times by now.   One of the hardest tasks is making sure that all of the things that are asked of you have been completed. Not only must the tasks be completed, but they must be of the highest quality and within a specific time frame. Tests, assignments, familial obligations, and a social life must all be juggled on a daily basis. Some of the questions that run through your mind are probably: Which ones should come first? Which ones are the most important? Which ones won’t get done at all?
Sometimes it can be overwhelming to be the person that others depend on. However, think of it as a compliment that others see you as responsible and knowledgeable enough to ask for assistance and insight from. Not everyone is trusted to complete important tasks that could change the dynamics of another’s world or thought process. There are tasks that you must complete, such as assignments for school and progression towards familial goals. Let’s face it, not everything that has to be done is something that you are excited to participate in. However, there is something to be learned in every single thing that you do. Be sure to find something to be appreciative of, no matter how small, in the completion process.
There will be tasks that come along that you will have the ability to choose your level of involvement with. Know that you can say ‘no’ to anything that is asked of you that is not mandatory or that isn’t aligned with your morals or personal standards. That should be music to your ears! Explain why you are having to respectfully decline the invitation to help that person or complete that task. If you ever find that you have taken on too many tasks and are not sure if you can complete them all, simply effectively communicate hurdles that you have encountered and ask for help. Ensure that the others that are involved understand the extent of which you can complete the task so that they are aware of what may still need to be done. However, if you say ‘yes’ to completing a task; take pride in it and do it to the best of your ability! Get started on your to-do list right away even if you have what seems like ample time to complete all there is to do. Getting things done early will prevent you from having to stress if an unforeseen task arises. This may require that you get up earlier or go to sleep later in order to complete the request. People want to know that they can depend on you and, in the future, you will be able to depend on them. When someone trusts you to assist them, don’t let them down.
Poor time management can be the culprit of unaccomplished goals and insufficient progress. Time is something that you can’t buy or get back. There are, in fact, enough hours in the day to do all that you desire. You need to become a great multi-tasker, be able to prioritise, be organised, and be a great planner. The sooner you are able to properly manage your time, the sooner you will begin to encounter success.