Self-Management Skills

Written By Subah Bhatia, The Young Vision Ambassador (Since Sep 2018),Delhi Private School - Dubai


The first step to success is good self-management. To be productive, happy, and to achieve your goals, you must master the skills required for self-management.

  1. Initiative: Taking the First Step
  • Thinking for yourself
  • Making independent decisions without having to be given directions
  • Taking action when needed
  • Going out of your way to solve a problem
  1. Organisation: A Decluttered Mind Paves a Clear Path
  • Efficient planning
  • Time Management
  • Listing out priorities
  • Preparation of required tools and information
  • Tidy workspace
  1. Accountability: Taking Responsibility and Being Answerable
  • Taking ownership of your decisions and actions
  • Look for ways to improve and better your performance
  • Keeping a positive attitude
  • Being open to constructive criticism
  • Develop your skills and expand your horizons
  1. Positivity: Boosting Optimism
  • Develop a positive outlook
  • Motivate yourself by setting short-term goals
  • Self-care techniques
  • Acknowledge and celebrate your successes
  • Build a positive environment and positive relationships
  1. Stress Management: Fighting off the Negativity
  • Come up with constructive plans to efficiently deal with a stressful situation
  • Practice yoga
  • Keep fit and eat healthy
  • Get regular and sufficient sleep
  • Take an hour out every day to practice a hobby you love
  1. Self-Awareness: Know Yourself Inside Out
  • Observe yourself objectively
  • Ask your friends to point out your shortcomings
  • Be aware of your behaviour and reactions
  • Know your weaknesses and develop a positive attitude towards accepting them