Madhu Madan, Parent


Madhu Madan, ParentMany congratulations on the 3rd anniversary of The Young Vision. I and my daughter have been associated with and reading it from the year it was launched. We are kinda addicted to it and can’t resist reading through it completely once we get it in hand. The best part I like about it is that it provides an amazing platform to young budding writers to hone their writing skills. I read very interesting pieces written by youngsters on a variety of topics. They completely open up their thoughts, views, opinions and minds while writing for TYV and get encouraged seeing their write ups published. Over the years, TYV has expanded from a mere magazine to an organiser of great events like Science Symposium, Science trips like the one to Norway being planned. We have seen TYV progressing through various stages, improving and bringing new features every time-be it launching a digital magazine or adding more high schools and universities or getting on board student ambassadors or introducing debates on interesting topics or supporting GMU or launching its Science Symposium. This is a very successful magazine and I wish Dr. Namrata and Mr. Kaushal and the entire team all the best for many more successful years.