Creativity, Innovation and Change


Sitting on my couch I lie, thinking ‘can we, as young citizens, change the world?’ The answer that popped into my mind is, ‘yes’. This question has made me write this article. We humans have a unique mind that other living beings in this world do not have. We humans can recreate the future with our intelligence. Creativity leads to innovation which further leads to a change; a change in the society or a change in the ecosystem or possibly a change in the world itself! Through our creativity we – young citizens – can bring a change. Creativity exists in each and every person but the determination to put that creativity into existence can bring a change. We have a lot of creativity as we have not seen the whole of life yet. No person is born unequal in this world. We should bring a change in the society for the betterment of our future. We should start thinking at this age itself. By bringing a good change in the society we can be sure that our future will be secure. A person should always develop interest in his or her creativity and inspire all others by bringing a good change in society. We cannot change the world by simply dreaming about it; we should have the courage to put that dream into practice with our creativity. We can also invent something with limited resources but the most important resource is the liking and interest for the invention. By writing this article, I hope to inspire every one of us to put our creativity into action and bring a good change in the world. I would like to conclude by saying a quote by Mahatma Gandhi: “IF YOU WANT TO BRING A CHANGE IN THE SOCIETY, YOU HAVE TO BE THE CHANGE.”