Film Making


Film making is a process of creating a story in motion for cinema or television. Film maker is the visionary of the film being made. A film maker has a varied role to play, starting from conceptualization of idea to scriptwriting, casting, editing, screening etc. They are the backbone of the film and work behind the scene. Often the term filmmaker is used in synonyms with the Director, however all film makers can be directors but not all directors are film makers. Film maker is supposed to be imaginative, multitalented and a skillful individual.


A fresher may start as an assistant in film production company and then can progress ahead to handle the whole project.

If you are spontaneous and can think out of the box then you can certainly be hired in an advertising agency to make advertisements that are appealing to the consumers

Television is an integral part of household, hence, there is a lot of scope for film makers in the television industries.

One can also work as a freelancer, that is start their own company and take up different projects as per the demands of the business.

Having gained good amount of experience and knowledge in the field of film industry you can educate the upcoming talents in this area.

  • Direct overall making of the film or documentary and how it is to be presented to the viewers
  • Select the actors suitable for the selected script
  • Guide the actor in portrayal of the character through suitable expressions, dialogues, voice modulation, looks and attire
  • Monitor the technicians for lighting, backdrop, sets, camera and special effects
  • Oversee the performance in terms of choreography, music composition, singing, etc.
  • Work with editors for proper sequencing of the scenes