THE YOUNG VISION™ is a product of MindStake Group
We are a Social Enterprise…
We’re  Focused
We’re Innovative
We’re Engaged

Our Mission
Nurturing Youth’s Vision through education making them leaders of competence, conscience and compassion, and allowing them to cultivate knowledge and faith to build a more humane, just, and sustainable world.

Our Vision
Our vision is more than an image of the future. We desire dedication to enrich the lives of students all over the world through education, where leader and follower share the same set of values and commitment that bond them together in a common cause in order to meet a common goal.

What we do
Print & Publishing
Events – Schools & Universities
Educational Workshop
Leadership Excellence Program
Online Marketing Campaign – Email & Newsletter
Digital / E-magazine
UK/British Language Editing

TYV - The Young Vision ( MindStake Group )